HOPE Ministries ​​​

Helping Others for the Purpose of Eternity 


We are here with help you can trust, because it is rooted in biblical truth. Anyone from the Nashville region is welcome to come for help in dealing with life’s issues and working toward transformation.​

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There are times in life when we just need a helping hand. Sometimes we are doing very well in some parts of our lives while struggling in others. Now might be the time to have someone come alongside and encourage you from the Bible.

What kinds of problems are the most common? Those struggling in their marriages or with parenting, emotions (e.g., depression, fear, or anger), sexual sin, etc. In all cases, we look to the Bible, God’s rich and sufficient Word, to answer the problems of life.

There is HOPE.​
We believe that our Lord has given us what we need to know to love and follow Him in His mission of loving people, places, and things to life. There is hope and help.
All our difficulties may not evaporate, but there are answers for dealing with whatever we might be facing. In fact, most who come to HOPE see significant progress in a few months.

All of our staff, whether pastors or laypersons, have completed a rigorous training program which has been vetted by ACBC and IABC*. HOPE Ministries is led by Virginia G. Stewart, PhD in Biblical Counseling.​​

​*IABC (International Association of Biblical Counseling) and ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) [not for state licensure]